Sphere of Control (in Challenging Times)

With the recent pandemic status of COVID-19, rise of infections, death, and plunging stocks, we are, indeed, in challenging times. While panic is not helpful, it is difficult to navigate these difficult times that the world is experiencing.


Not everyone is able to work from home, or avoid public transit. What most of us CAN do, is to take action over we CAN control. When we focus on what is in our sphere of control, it feels empowering.


The sphere of control includes what you can personally do and have a degree of control over. In terms of Covid-19, you are able to wash your hands more, do your best to stay out of crowds, eat at home more, disinfect your home more often, etc. If you are concerned about your investments, can you call your bank or advisor to speak about your options? If you are sick, call the health line to be tested rather than go into the hospital.


Sphere of influence includes what you can have an affect on, but not directly. For example, if your kids see you washing your hands and being more careful, they may be prompted to do the same. Same for neighbors and coworkers.

Then there are the things that are outside your control:

  • spread of infection

  • sickness and death

  • stocks losing money

  • travel cancellations

The main takeaway here is to focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO AND CONTROL. Surrender to the rest, and trust that we will get through this time.


We've heard from clients that they are concerned about exposure to infection. If you have concerns, see if you can get quality information and explore your options.


On the part of Bring to Balance's Art for Change Centre, we are taking every precaution. Please take note of the following:

  • If you are sick, or someone in your household is, please stay home until you are well and beyond (14 days)

  • Let me know asap if you need to cancel a session

  • Staff will be disinfecting after each client and disinfecting tea cups

  • Staff will reach out if they are sick, someone in their household is, and cancel sessions for 14 days

  • Clients will not be charged for last minute cancellations while the global pandemic status remains in effect​​

Online/Telephone sessions


We offer online and telephone sessions so that you can continue with counselling and therapy remotely or from home. While there are some concerns about privacy, since information shared by phone or over the Internet cannot be guaranteed confidential, many people find it convenient. Consider this option and reach out to us or your counsellor about it.


Stay healthy, take good care, and be well during this time, all.


Sending good thoughts and wishes.




- Janine



Image credit


Sphere of control (http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/coaching_teachers/Screenshot%202014-01-22%2010.00.09.png)



Hand washing Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


Woman empowered Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash



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