Create a Sacred Space

Space is Important

​​During therapy there are many things working on your psyche. Discussing what needs to be discussed shifts things, being in the presence of someone who is there for you shifts things, and, although often overlooked, being in a therapeutic space shifts things. Each psychotherapist creates their space in a specific way, and that space interacts with the psyche on a conscious and unconscious level.  With this in mind, it is interesting to apply the idea that space heals to our own areas of dwelling.

What do you like? What are you attracted to?


Before moving the furniture and investing in new pillows, it is important to get a sense of what you are attracted to. Do you like fuzzy things, or smooth things? What makes you feel centered and calm?

Loopy, fuzzy, furry, soft, shiny, dull, bulky, rough, crisp, smooth, sheer, firm, loose, delicate, floppy.


Bold, pale, pastel, brilliant, metallic, faded, dusty, sparkling, crisp, soft, hard, dark, light, glowing, clean, multicoloured, delicate, dim, wild, natural, sophisticated.


Wood, metal, plastic, fabric, concrete, natural, marble, stone, bamboo.


Country, new-age, gypsy, space, minimal, zen, natural, cluttered, ordered, antique, Victorian, beach, rustic, prairie, modern, cabin.

Do You Have a Sacred Space?

Do you have a sacred area to connect to yourself? In other parts of the world it is the norm to have a special place devoted to meditation and prayer. When we have a special area to connect to ourselves we sink into the practice more easily because our body recognizes what we are about to do. If you have one​

​ spot you meditate in each and every day you will find that just sitting in that spot starts the meditation process, whether you are consciously sitting down to meditate or not. 

How Do You Clean?

Dust and mold are not good for our bodies, and they often reflect the state of our minds. When we let our space become dirty we are not respecting our selves. Do we not deserve to have a space that we love? Does that space not deserve to be loved and cared for? When we let our space become dirty and disorganized we have often let our mind become disorganized. Taking some time every day to clear the clutter, and taking some extra time every week to clean our space shows that we respect ourselves and helps keep the mind clear and uncluttered. 

Interested in what our space looks like? Check us out at @artforchangecenter

Further Reading:


  • The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room by Room by Terah K. Collins

  • Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

  • Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy by Denise Linn , Kerri L. Richardson , Davina Mackail

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