Colour Awareness in Autumn


Autumn and Colour



There is much transition this time of year, and much of that transition is highlighted by nature’s changing colors. The shades of the leaves changing from vibrant, deep greens to yellow, orange, red and browns. The flowers are browning, the amount of daylight wanes as well.


Color and shades are all around us, in everything we gaze upon. If our eyes and minds are able, we perceive colors in nature, our clothing, the media,  foods we consume, and of course, in the art we create.


Your Relationship with Colour​


Every individual has a personal visual language for expressing themselves. One of the unique expressions is an individual’s relationship with and use of color. 


This might be a conscious choice, or an unconscious choice. Either way, it is an area of potential exploration of self.


People will spontaneously gravitate towards certain colors and reject the use of others. There is no right or wrong, and we can take this awareness to explore our use of and associations with color.


Emotion and Colour



One place we can​​ begin to wonder about color is how our use of color relates to emotion. You ​​might have heard of someone expressing how they are feeling blue, when being down, or feeling green when they are experiencing nerves.  


Every individual will have different associations, and even the same person may associate different colors with different emotions on any given day. We drawn to certain colors, and recoil at others. Our responses are information about ourselves, and with gentle curiosity, we might gain insights by exploring these.


Colour and Meaning Changes​


Over time, the use of and meanings of color will potentially change again. We accumulate meanings we have for colors through many avenues-- our evolving identity, our lived experiences and cultural foundations.


Mixing unique colors is a favorite starting point for many of our clients. There is a sense of wonder ​​in the novelty of creating your very own. There is also a joy in the child, who is making making the brush water color transform.


Noticing Colour



This inquiry of color can start in your surroundings, what colors do you notice in your home, in your community, in your office, or the locations you visit. Check in with yourself, how does it make you feel? We don’t always have awareness that we might be impacted by something as simple as the color, especially in the modern frenzied lifestyle. You might also be curious about your relationship to light and dark, and the amount of light or darkness you find yourself in through this season, and how that might impact your mood, emotion or sleep patterns.​​


Invitation to the Art


Sit with yourself for a few moments, taking some deep breaths to connect your mind and body. Have a page ready, and when you come back to the room, choose a color spontaneously. You might try this each day, as a ritual of personal investigation through a visual journal. Over time, as you gather a catalogue of images, you my explore through these points of inquiry:​​

  • How do you use color in your images?

  • Do specific colors have meanings for you?

  • Are there emotions you associate with particular colors?

  • Do you have preference for certain combinations of color?​​

​Therapeutic Quality of Colour


We can use color and our imagination for healing and calm. This can be done through a simple visualization. Sit quietly, feet on the ground, back in the chair and start with some nice deep belly breaths to check in with yourself. Start by visualizing a bubble of safety around you. ​​


In this bubble of safety, you are invited to pick a color that you associate with calm and healing, when you have this color or colors in mind, you are invited to paint bubble and yourself, covering every inch with this color of calm and healing. After you complete the painting, you might sit and take in a few more deep breaths, allowing the color to support you well-being. As you take a few more deep breaths and return to the space, you might start to create an image around this visualization.


Enjoy and be well.


Lynnea :)


Photo Credits:


1- Sercan Solmaz on Unsplash

2- Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

3- Bronwyn on Unsplash

4- Quentin on Unsplash

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