It seems that online appointments, "teletherapy”/“telehealth”, has overnight become the most
used form of therapy and the safest form of therapy during this global pandemic.​​ Teletherapy has been allowing therapists all over the world to help support people come clo...

In this blog post we are talking about the most common mental health concern in North
America and possibly in the world: anxiety.

Almost one out of five Americans suffer from anxiety. People who are struggling with
​​Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also e...

Are you listening to the multi-trillion dollar diet industry that’s rooted in self-control? Are you
feeling tired or just fed up with trying to fit into diet culture’s messages around what bodies
“should” look like—especially during the summertime? Wouldn’t you rather...

Treat Yourself to More Compassion

Valentine’s day is a great time to celebrate love and relationships, we buy gifts and do loving gestures for the people we love.  This is a great way to acknowledge the people we care about……….. AND it’s important to always include time...

February 14, 2017

A blog about using the metaphor and symbol of the Phoenix as a way to help us heal from difficulties, find and gather strength, and offer hope.

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