In the first half of this year, we have been going through global trauma from the pandemic. We
are aware of racially motivated attacks against Asian communities from COVID-19 and
speaking up on the heavy, inter-generational trauma of Black, Indigenous and People of Col...

COVID19 is impacting all of us differently. Many currently find themselves in a situation where staying home is the healthy decision – for themselves and the general public. This admirable decision may not always feel healthy.​​ I find this especially true for those am...

  It seems that online appointments, "teletherapy”/“telehealth”, has overnight become the most
used form of therapy and the safest form of therapy during this global pandemic.​​ Teletherapy has been allowing therapists all over the world to help support people come clo...

​​ With the global pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and widespread measures of social distancing, isolating, working from home, kids at home, and all the concerns and challenges that have come with these measures….we are indeed in disparate times.  Oxford dictionary...

With the recent pandemic status of COVID-19, rise of infections, death, and plunging stocks, we are, indeed, in challenging times. While panic is not helpful, it is difficult to navigate these difficult times that the world is experiencing.

Not everyone is able to work...

In this blog post we are talking about the most common mental health concern in North
America and possibly in the world: anxiety.

Almost one out of five Americans suffer from anxiety. People who are struggling with
​​Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also e...

We could always improve on our mental wellness. Wellness takes some thoughts, planning, and execution. We need to act on our wellness…rarely does it come naturally. This new year, perhaps a revaluation of how your life and activities are balanced could support greater...

Space is Important

​​During therapy there are many things working on your psyche. Discussing what needs to be discussed shifts things, being in the presence of someone who is there for you shifts things, and, although often overlooked, being in a therapeutic space shif...

Healing through Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

Two weeks ago, I attended and completed a 5-day intensive EMDR (Eye Movement
Desensitization Reprocessing) training course. I found myself integrating EMDR therapy into
​​my practice the day after my training pra...

​​Here we are again- another fall.  We are very late with our blog this month.  I'm smiling because nature doesn't wait for things to be perfect, or wait until we're not so busy.  Nature cycles on. Nature is not worried.

"All the trees are loosing their leaves...

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